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Creche Child Playing

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ግልጋሎት ምክሪን ምርመራን ኤች.ኣይ. ቪ. ኤድስ ቫይረስ More »

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Welcome to the official site of Mums for Mums!!

Mums for Mums is a local charitable NGO established in May 2001 in Mekelle, Tigray to tackle the problem of poverty in young, single and destitute woman and to help her to become self-reliant and avoid a life of dependency and destitution.

VISION To see a mother who is self-reliant, self-sufficient and who can look after herself and her children.

MISSION To help empower vulnerable mother and her children through economic and social support, with the emphasis on creating a better and sustainable livelihood for the young single mum and her children living under the poverty line by offering daily assistance, such as skills training to enable her to be employed or self-employed; and support to enable her to assert her reproductive rights.

GOALS • To help empower vulnerable woman through social and economic support. • To help the young single and destitute mum to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty and help herself and her children by acquiring livelihood-enhancing skills so as to create self-reliance.

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